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Exhibitions » Exhibitions » Dove Una Volta C'era Il Mare \ Bir Zamanlar Denizin Olduğu Yer

Dove Una Volta C'era Il Mare \ Bir Zamanlar Denizin Olduğu Yer


Dove Una Volta C'era Il Mare\Where The Sea Once Was
Contemporary Art of the Dolomites

Curator: Lisa Trockner



Dolomites Contemporary Art Exhibition: Traces of the Past, Dreams of the Future

The exhibition of contemporary art from the Dolomites region brings together works by 11 artists with traces of the past. Lisa Trockner explains that the main element of the exhibition is the Dolomites region of the Italian Alps, bordering Austria and Switzerland. The exhibition reveals the evolution of the region, which was home to the Tethys Sea 250 million years ago, from 20 million years ago to the present day.

Trockner summarizes the formation process of the region as follows: “The Italian Alps began to form the Dolomites mountain landscape, which has existed for around 20 million years and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. As the sea began to recede, the first rivers made their way through and the valleys took shape. What were once coral reefs were pushed away by a great force. A force that compressed, twisted and sculpted the coral reefs. What remains are craggy rock formations that tower into the sky like pink-toned towers. Inside them were fossils and giant shells bearing witness to the past.”

The constant conflict between the tangible and the unpredictable is depicted in the artists' works, Trockner says, adding that the exhibition aims to explore the past and reflect the present.

The immense energy of these primordial forces can be likened to the creative processes of artworks. The concept of resistance, shifts and frictions, the breaking and shaping of fixed structures, construction and deconstruction, the shaping of ideas in the constant interplay between being and becoming, can be felt in the works of 11 artists influenced by this region. The exhibited artists are Robert Pan, Wil-ma Kammerer, Julia Bornefeld, Arnold Mario Dall'O, Barbara Tavella, Peter Senoner, Aron Demetz, Sissa Micheli, Gustav Willeit, Hubert Kostner, Christine Gallmetzer.


The exhibition will be on view at the Elgiz Museum from March 10 to May 4, 2024.







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