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Lean Abstract

“I don't listen to music while painting. I become the music itself”. – Abdurrahman Oztoprak  

The book, which examines the recent works of Abdurrahman Öztoprak, who is considered as one of the leading abstract painters of Modern Turkish Art, especially between the years 2000-2011, has been published by the museum with the title of "Simple Abstract".

In the book designed by Joelle İmamoğlu, Dr. Tobias Hoffmann, Dr. Julian Heynen, Dr. Silvio Fuso and Dr. While Vittorio Urbani examines the artist's position in the context of European and Turkish Painting, Dr. Necmi Sonmez and Dr. Özkan Eroğlu also makes a detailed analysis of his recent works.

A note that readers should keep in mind is that the artist personally followed and approved the preparation process of the book until the last day of his life. The autobiography of the artist is also included in the book. It is possible to buy the book “Lean Abstract Abdurrahman Öztoprak's Recent Works” from bookstores. Simultaneously with the publication of the book, the exhibition titled "In Memory of Öztoprak" was opened in 2012.



The book “Elgiz10” was published in 2011, simultaneously with the exhibition “Elgiz10” due to the museum's 10th anniversary celebrations, in order to document artistic activities between 2001-2011 and to present views on private collection and museology. In the book, the exhibitions, conferences and performances held in the museum and the Elgiz Collection are explained with information and visuals.

The role of private collection and museology in the advancement of contemporary art is discussed in the comments and interviews from leading artists and collectors from Turkey and the world. Nurten Özkoray is the editor of the 304-page book, designed in London and printed in the Netherlands.

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