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Nature, Gardens, Dreams


Nature, Gardens, Dreams

04.03.2022- 31.07.2022

“Nature, Gardens, Dreams” exhibition; offers the opportunity to recall the relationship between art, nature, garden and people through works compiled from the Arkas Collection. The exhibition, which brings together the unique perspectives of important artists from Turkey and abroad, selected from different fields of art such as painting, sculpture, decorative arts and textile art, reveals the change in artistic production from the 16th century to the 20th century.

The garden, which is a part of nature designed by humans as a fictional living space and is a natural art, appears in the exhibition in bohemian or structured forms, sometimes depicted as the host of the world of myths, sometimes as a place of pleasure, sometimes as an agricultural area. Bringing together the works produced in the periods when nature was not yet subjected to human destruction, the exhibition also aims to remind that man is a part of nature and can only exist with nature.

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