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13. Terrace Exhibition\ The Future



The Elgiz Museum is realising the 13th " The Future" Exhibition, the 13th of the terrace exhibitions it has been steadfastly holding since 2012, in its 20th year despite everything. In the open-air sculpture exhibition, which is one of the rare art events in our country, young artists come together with different expressions and different materials on the two thousand square meter terrace of the museum, which is opened for use for sculpture exhibitions.

Despite the pandemic that has swept the world and changed the habits of all of us, it was once again seen that young artists protect life with art. 113 artists applied to the exhibition with 144 works and 48 sculptures were selected for exhibition after being evaluated by the advisory board consisting of Nilüfer Ergin, Haşim Nur Gürel, Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur and Can Elgiz.

As Nilüfer Ergin states in the exhibition text, this year's conceptual framework "Future Time" has always been waiting in a sense hidden within the idea of Terrace. The artist's innovative and transformative point of view, her desire to be free, her changing power and her predictions about tomorrow and the future have come together in this exhibition. The artist's endeavour to transform life, to evaluate the past and the present from a critical point of view has always kept art in motion. This situation, which deeply affects the relationship that art establishes with the viewer, and the axis of art, which leads one to dream and envisage the future, opens the doors to the world of thinking. We need the transformative perspective and imagination of artists again to look at Future Time with hope, and this exhibition looks to the future from the Terrace.

" The Future" Exhibition can be visited at the Elgiz Museum between 12 July - 23 October, 2021, in accordance with the pandemic rules and outdoors.

Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday- Friday
Closed on Sunday - Monday and public holidays.
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