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Exhibitions » Terrace Exhibitions » 16th Terrace Exhibition \ On The Trail Of A Dream

16th Terrace Exhibition \ On The Trail Of A Dream


16th Terrace Exhibition \ On The Trail of A Dream


14.06.2024 - 02.11.2024


In the frame of Elgiz Museum Terrace exhibitions, 437 works by 284 artists have been exhibited so far. This year the  16th Terrace Exhibition will be opened in June 2024 with the title “On the Trail of a Dream” and will take place in the 1500m2 open exhibition area of the museum. Currently, 130 artists participated in the open call for the 16th Terrace Exhibition with 147 works, and the works of 40 artists have been selected to be displayed. The terrace exhibitions bring together different ways of expression of the young artists who join us every year. It constitutes great support for the growth of the art of sculpture. The works that hopefully would take place in the collections will carry the traces of today to the future.  This year, the artists are turning their gaze from the Terrace towards the future, thus new perspectives that the artist will dream of will follow the trails from the past.


The title of the 16th Terrace Exhibition  “On the Trail of a Dream”, invites the artists to create a trail path from their own field of creation that does not imitate the visible but makes visible what they dream of. While the trail refers to what is left behind in terms of meaning, it can be layered with the concepts of the line left by a pen on the surface, the movement created by the line after the plane, and the three-dimensional form that emerges in space with the combination of many surfaces.

Throughout the history of art, the world conveyed through the eyes of the artist in reality and illusion has given way to the dreamy lines, forms, and colors of modern art... It is the projection of the world we perceive from our own point of view with a new perspective that takes place in the space. “On the Trail of a Dream”; where reality turns into poetry; also traces a utopia that will take us to the future in pursuit of dreams. From different perspectives, “trail” is a multidimensional word. When time is divided into layers, “trail” is also the manifestation of what is not attributed to the past, but what exists right here right now, from the past to the future. It is not attributed to something that happened in the past, it is the one that refers to its future. As Derrida states in his text “Différance”, it is a synthesis of traces of involvement and forward-looking expansions - a synthesis of traces of involvement and forward-looking expansions - that constantly return to the present that lives as an initial and continuous synthesis, that gathers and gathers into itself.


The trail also opens up new areas of meaning by deconstructing the concept and form we trace. The trail is the one that paves the way; toward layers of memory and meaning...At this point, the work of art makes you dream...


In this context, the works of the artists to be exhibited at the Elgiz Museum 16th Terrace Exhibition will lead us to trace the artist's dreams within the physical and spatial reality of space.

-Meliha Sözeri

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