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16th Terrace Exhibition Open Call






Elgiz Museum's open call for the 16th Terrace Exhibition to be organized in the summer of 2024 begins soon. The Terrace Exhibitions, where 437 works by 284 artists have been exhibited so far, continue to host the works of artists in the museum's 1500m2 open exhibition space. Every year there is a remarkable participation of new artists, bringing together different languages of expression. The involvement of young artists created a great platform for the art of sculpture. The works hopefully after the exhibitions join private collections and carry the traces of today to the future.  This year, we turn our gaze from the Terrace toward new perspectives that the artist dreams of.


The conceptual framework of the 16th Terrace Exhibition, which will open in June 2024, has been determined as "On the Trail of a Dream". This concept invites the artists to follow a trail from their field of production that does not imitate the visible but makes visible what they dream of. While trail refers to what is left behind in terms of meaning, it can be layered with the concepts of the line left by the pen on the surface, the movement created by the line of the plane, and the three-dimensional form that emerges in space with the combination of many surfaces.


Throughout the history of art, the world conveyed through the eyes of the artist in reality and illusion has given way to the dreamy lines, forms, and colors of modern art... It is the projection of the world we perceive from our own point of view with a new perspective that takes place in space. "On the Trail of a Dream" traces a utopia where reality transforms into poetry; a utopia that will take us to the future in pursuit of dreams.


In this context, the works to be exhibited on the terrace of the Elgiz Museum this year will lead us to trace the artist's dreams within the physical and spatial reality of space. Opening in the summer of 2024, the application files will be evaluated by the advisory board, consisting of Seyhun Topuz, Rahmi Aksungur, Nilüfer Ergin, Meliha Sözeri, Ömer Emre Yavuz and Can Elgiz.




  • The exhibition is open to all artists.
  • Works produced in 2022 and after will be accepted, provided that they have not been exhibited before and fit the concept.
  • The harsh natural conditions and the fact that the exhibition will be open for four to six months should be taken into consideration. Accordingly, the artist agrees that his/her proposed work(s) meets the following conditions.
  • To be of a size and durability suitable for outdoor conditions,
  • Made of materials that will not be damaged by these conditions,
  • To be able to stand on its own weight,

Works that do not meet these conditions will be excluded from the evaluation.

  • Installation on the terrace surface is not possible.


  • After the work selected for the exhibition is placed in the area under the supervision of the artist, the museum will not be held responsible for any adverse effects that may arise due to weather conditions and the production of the work.


  • The artist accepts and undertakes that they will produce an exact reproduction of the project proposed and selected for exhibition by the Advisory Board. Otherwise, the Advisory Board has the right to remove the work from the exhibition.


  • Visuals of the exhibition space are available at www.elgizmuseum.org. Artists may view the terrace in the presence of the museum management and during the working hours of the museum.


  • If any of the works selected for the exhibition are substantially similar to a work by another artist, the work may be removed from the exhibition. The Museum and the Advisory Board are not responsible for any disputes arising from this situation; the artist is legally responsible for their work.


  • Artworks must not have been exhibited before. Works that have been previously exhibited in public spaces, commercial galleries, or digital exhibitions will be removed from the exhibition even if the exhibition process has begun.



The documents to be included in the application file are listed below. The requested information and documents must be complete for the application to be approved. Applications with missing dates and signatures will not be evaluated.


Forms required for the application can be found at 16th Terrace Exhibition Application Form


The Portfolio file should include photographs and technical information of 5 works to show the artist's previous production.


In the Artwork Proposal file, images taken from different directions introducing the work, if the work is under construction, model images and / or drawings will be included in the proposal file.


The description text and technical information of the work should be presented in Turkish and English


  • All information and texts in the application file must be written in Turkish and English. It is important that these texts, which will be used in the exhibition catalog to introduce the selected works and artists, are complete and accurate in both languages.


  • More than one work can be submitted to the exhibition. The digital and printed dossier should include the visual material and information required for each proposed work separately.


  • The application files will not be returned to the artists but will be protected and kept open for examination in the Archive Room Archvarium, accessible to all visitors at the Elgiz Museum.




  • Artists must submit their application files in both printed and digital form. If one of these is missing, the application will not be evaluated.


  • PRINTED FILE: It should be sent by mail to Elgiz Museum Maslak Mahallesi Meydan Sokak Beybi Giz Plaza 34398 or hand-delivered during the working hours of the museum; the working hours of the museum are Tuesday-Friday 10.00-17.00, Saturday 10.00-16.00.



The deadline for all physical and digital submissions is March 9, 2024, Saturday, 16.00. Submissions received after the deadline will not be accepted, regardless of whether they are physical or digital. Submission deadlines for printed files should also be calculated taking into account this date and time.




  • Selected artworks for the exhibition will be notified to the artists via their email addresses. The collection and placement of the artworks will be carried out by museum officials under the supervision of the artist on the announced dates.


  • The placement of the artworks in the terrace area will be done by the artist with the help of museum officials, under the supervision of the Advisory Board. Artists or assistants must be present during the placement.


  • Suppose the artworks selected for exhibition by the Advisory Board are not completed. In that case, the work will be removed from the exhibition even if it has been moved to the exhibition area.


  • Photography of the exhibited artworks for the catalog will be done by the museum, and the artist's CV, description text, and technical information submitted in the application file will be prepared in two languages and used in the exhibition catalog.


  • The exhibition will be introduced to the public through print and digital media, the museum's website, and social media accounts. Various collaborations and side events can be held during the exhibition process.


  • The artworks can be exhibited in public or in different areas after the exhibition with the artist's permission.


  • The artworks will be picked up from the location where they are located in Istanbul. Measures and packaging to prevent damage to the artwork during transportation are the responsibility of the artist. The museum will not be liable for any damage that occurs during transportation.


  • Transportation of artworks from outside Istanbul is the responsibility of the artist. The museum will provide shipping support at a specified amount.


  • Transportation and expenses of artworks from outside the country are the responsibility of the artist. ATA Carnet procedures will be done by the artist in their own name. The museum will provide shipping support at a specified amount.





  • February 9, 2024 - Open Call Announcement


  • March 9, 2024 - Deadline for Applications


  • March 16, 2024 - Results Announcement


  • May 27- June 1, 2024 - Collection of Works


  • June 2, 2024 - Exhibition Setup


  • The exhibition will be announced and opened on a date between June 19-21, 2024.



Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday- Friday
Closed on Sunday - Monday and public holidays.
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