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Senkron 'Simultaneous Video Exhibitions'


Senkron 'Simultaneous Video Exhibitions'

15.04.2022- 30.04.2022

SENKRON, which set out with the goal of 'Simultaneous Video Exhibitions', continues to bring together art institutions and organizational structures across Turkey around video art. SENKRON, the first edition of which was held in April last year as a set of exhibitions and events, is realized in collaboration with many art institutions and organizations from different cities of Turkey. SENKRON, which aims to make video art visible in different venues, brought together 50 participating institutions last year to bring together a series of exhibitions/events/talks and screenings centered on video art with both physical and online events.

SENKRON, 'Simultaneous Video Exhibitions' aims to establish new dialogues on video art by synchronizing the video-focused events of galleries, museums, biennials and art initiatives included in their programs that year. SENKRON, which is intended to turn into a meeting across Turkey between April 15-30, 2022, includes a series of event proposals that will be held simultaneously and will offer an in-depth look at video art. With more than 50 participating institutions this year, SENKRON presents its audience with new video-oriented collaborations during the event.

Under the leadership of Mixer, Bilsart and Versus Art Project, SENKRON, which is realized with the dedication and labor of participating institutions across Turkey, especially in Istanbul, makes video art visible in different venues and allows viewers to follow the event from home by publishing online the artist, curator, collector talks that shed light on the production of video works. SENKRON, which has the desire to open an archival space for video art, aims to create accessible resources for future years by archiving the programs/events/showings shown every year on its website.

Art institutions and organizations participating in SENKRON (in alphabetical order): 5533, . artSümer, Akbank Sanat, ARE Projects, Balconnection, Barın Han, BE Contemporary Art Gallery, Bilsart, Borusan Contemporary, Büyükdere35, Contemporary Istanbul Foundation Cocoon Art Space, Daire Sanat, Elgiz Museum, Müze Evliyagil, Ferda Art Platform, Galeri Bosfor, Galeri Bu, Galeri Nev Istanbul, Galeri Siyah Beyaz, Gate 27, KA Atölye, Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Kasa Gallery, KENDİ Collection, Kendine A Room of Its Own, KOLİ Art Space, Kültürhane, Loading Art Space, Maçka Art Gallery, MAHAL, Martch Art Project, Mekan Blogspot, Merkezkaç Art Collective, Mişar Art, Mixer, MONITOR, NOKS Art Space, OMM - Odunpazarı Modern Museum, Odeabank O'art, Pera Museum, Performistanbul, Pg Art Gallery, Pilot Gallery, Sanatorium, Simbart Projects, Sinopale, SPOT Projects, Summart, SyncSociety, Versus Art Project, Videoist, Vision Art Platform, Zilberman Gallery

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