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Trailers From Twilight



23.10.2019 – 07.03.2020

Elgiz Museum is hosting Nilüfer Ergin's "Trailers from Twilight"!

In the exhibition, the artist places the reality of migration in its historical, economic and political context by bringing together the road stories of the past with the forced exiles of today, on the route he has established with metal forms, texts, images and objects accompanied by sound.

Ergin leads the audience into action within the space he has constructed, to witness and question, to look at the details in the uncanny twilight he borrowed from Antonio Gramsci, to cross the threshold among the shadows falling on him; calls to find the exit.

The work, which problematizes the problem of migration, which it deals with with its ecological, economic and cultural dimensions, through the concept of new colonialism, focuses on the transformative power of the individual and sheds light on new utopias in new routes that will change the paradigm.


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